About Us

Scuderi Group, Inc., is a research and development company that has invented a new thermodynamic cycle for internal combustion engines – The SCUDERI Split-Cycle Engine™. It is the only engine in the world that can both generate and store energy.

Studies conducted by our independent development partner, Southwest Research Institute, show significant increases in fuel efficiency and torque while emitting up to 80 percent less NOx than conventional “Otto Cycle” engines in use today.  Further, because of the unique split-cycle design, the engine can be used in other applications outside of transportation, such as power generation and energy storage.

It all started with Springfield, Mass.-native Carmelo Scuderi (BS, ME), an American inventor, a mechanical designer, and a thermodynamics and fluid mechanics engineer who worked for nearly 50 years inventing, developing, testing and commercializing new technologies. Throughout his lifetime, Scuderi was an invaluable process partner for major corporations and defense contractors.

He worked and served as a consultant for Hamilton Standard, Raytheon, Avco Lycoming, Hughes Aircraft Company, as well as the US Navy and Air Force. Scuderi assisted in the development of the Mark 48 (Mk-48) Advanced Capability (ADCAP) torpedo, critical test equipment for NASA space suits, fire suppression equipment for aircraft carriers, and countless applications utilizing refrigerant and compressor technologies.

In 1992, Scuderi developed a compressor technology to prevent the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere in response to a key United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate. His oil-less compressor was conceived and introduced within a period of six months and captured 70 percent of the refrigerant recovery market within one year.  In 2005, Discovery Magazine credited this development as one of the reasons for the ongoing repair of the ozone layer. Nearly 20 years later, Scuderi's technology remains the industry standard.

In 1994, after spending most of his life contemplating the inefficiencies of the conventional engine Otto cycle, Scuderi set out to improve the internal combustion engine and in 1998 began designing the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine full-time. Scuderi's design was finalized in 2001 and with the help of his children, he began obtaining patents, contacting laboratories and licensing experts, and raising funds for what would be a completely new internal combustion process: The Scuderi Split Cycle.

Carmelo Scuderi died suddenly in 2002, but the Scuderi family's next generation of engineers and global development partners continue to further his legacy of innovation by exploring making new discoveries around split-cycle thermodynamics.

Today, Scuderi Group has amassed a patent portfolio containing over 200 patents issued and over 500 patents filed in over 50 countries. Based in West Springfield, Mass., the company has since opened offices in Frankfurt, Germany, and Nagoya, Japan.