A Scuderi in a Chevy

Posted on 17 January 2011 | 6 Comments

For as long as the Scuderi split-cycle concept has been in existence, we have constantly been asked the same question: "So, what kind of gas mileage would I get?"

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Strengthening the Scuderi Patent Portfolio

Posted on 14 December 2010 | 0 Comments

Besides the marketing and engineer departments, the one area of Scuderi Group where you see constant motion is in Patent Development. The team never stops as they keep up with the latest innovations coming out of the lab at Southwest Research Institute. So today the company announced new patents to develop the second-generation ScuderiTM split-cycle engine.  Achieving an industry-first, engineers applied a V design to the split-cycle engine to improve thermodynamic efficiencies for turbo charging and to provide automotive engineers more design flexibility. 

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Talking about valve trains

Posted on 2 December 2010 | 0 Comments

Last week Scuderi Group Vice President and Patent Attorney Stephen Scuderi gave a presentation in Wurzburg, Germany, on the Scuderi Engine's sophisticated valve train design. 

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Sal on Diesel

Posted on 23 September 2010 | 2 Comments


Most of the time when we talk about the Scuderi Engine it is in the context of burning gasoline. However, the engine has the potential to run on many other fuels, including biofuels, natural gas, and Diesel. In fact, early studies tell us that the Scuderi Cycle technology could have its biggest impact in the Diesel sector. Working the booth at this week's IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover, Germany, Sal Scuderi explained how a Scuderi Diesel engine would work.

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Green and Clean

Posted on 23 September 2010 | 0 Comments

It's been reported here time and time again and this week at the IAA commercial vehicle show in Hannover it's no different.  We walk around the hall and wonder: Is all this "greening" of the vehicle industry just a public relations ploy?

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Power it up

Posted on 22 September 2010 | 0 Comments


The press days of the 63rd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show, the world's leading trade fair dedicated to transport and logistics, wrapped up Wednesday with dozens of new vehicle and accessory debuts.  Over 1750 exhibitors fill the Hannover Messe, promoting the efficiency and flexibility of trucks, buses, utility vans, etc.

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Realistic solutions

Posted on 23 August 2010 | 1 Comments

Over the weekend the Scuderi Engine was featured on a panel of "breakthrough technologies" as part of the American Renewable Energy Day event held in Aspen, Colo. And while the bulk of the four-day program featured what some might call long-term visions of a more environmentally sound world, there was some realistic discussion on how to make that actually happen in the short term. That's where the Scuderi Engine came in.

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A technical update on the engine

Posted on 15 July 2010 | 4 Comments

Followers of the Scuderi Engine are always interested in finding out what the latest news is around the testing and development of the prototype engine. And unfortunately, most can't follow us to the conferences and trade shows to hear our detailed engineering presentations.

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Engines of the year

Posted on 24 June 2010 | 4 Comments

The Engine Expo in Stuttgart wrapped up today, with the climax of the event being the prestigious International Engine of the Year Awards that occurred Wednesday.

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Back in Stuttgart

Posted on 23 June 2010 | 0 Comments

This week, the Scuderi Engine is on exhibit at Europe's premier engine trade show, Engine Expo. Held annually in Stuttgart, it is a three-day "feast" of automotive technologies.

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